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PosGreen Engine This engine provides the bulk of the POS processing at checkouts. It can be used directly or via central servers as a remote service.

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Reference Data

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System Strings Reference Data

The file refdata_systemstrings.json provides Fieldpine wide default values for strings and parameters. It is maintained and deployed by Fieldpine for all retailers. The primary function is to provide default values for retailers. In most cases the values provided by the file can be overriden locally. Examples of use

  • The default subject line for an email containing a receipt/tax invoice. The string selected for use is determined by looking at country of operation and target customer language preferences. A system operating in an english speaking country but have the value "Sale Receipt", while a Germain speaking country might use "ihre Quittung"
  • Values for slowly changing parameters, such as the Host name used for weather data retrieval

Internal Operation

When a string is requested, the following logic is used. For documentation purposes assume we are fetching the fictious "HeadOfState"

  1. Any membership is given the chance to reply, using a layer 51 setting defining HeadOfState
  2. The Fieldpine value is fetched and processed
    • If the value is not a JSON object, it is returned
    • The current country of operation is fetched using the 3 character ISO code
    • If any target languages have been requested, the first match for country_language is retured
    • If target languages are used, the first match for the requested language is returned
    • If value_country exists, that is returned
    • If a "default" exists, that is returned
  3. The callers default is returned.

The entry Fieldpine use to define "HeadOfState" might look like this

 "HeadOfState": {
    "aus": "Premier",
    "nzl": "Prime Minister",
    "usa": "President",
    "default": "Head of State",
    "_de": "Staatsoberhaupt",
    "nzl_ma": "pirimia",
    "usa_sp": "presidenta",
    "usa_de": "Präsident"
  • If you are in Australia, any languge (except german), the value is "Premier"
  • If you are in New Zealand
    • Requesting Maori, the value is "pirimia".
    • Requesting German, the value is "Staatsoberhaupt". Langauge specific values such as "_de" trump country specific values such as "nzl" if you need the German equivalent of "Prime Minister", the defintion simply provides "nzl_de"
    • For all others languages the value is "Prime Minister"
  • If you are in Spain, any languge (except german), the value is "Head of State"
  • If you are in the USA, the value is:
    • Spanish "presidenta"
    • German "Präsident"
    • All others "President"

The strings provided by this function are not sensitive to all language requirements. In the example above, the word for "Head Of State" varies for feminine/masculine targets, however this system can only return a single value. And yes, we purposely mixed gender above for documentation purposes.