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PosGreen Engine This engine provides the bulk of the POS processing at checkouts. It can be used directly or via central servers as a remote service.

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Staff Login

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AutoLogin - PosGreen

Autologin allows PosGreen to automatically login a POS staff member based on the current Windows Login Name. This is useful for retailers that have seperate Windows logins being used by different staff members, or where the POS is being used on a computer that only that staff member uses.

  1. The setting PosConfigSetup.StaffAutoLoginFromWindows must be 1 for the current lane profile.
  2. The field staff.AutoLoginFromWindowsName must be present in the database
  3. The staff table is scanned for a matching staff record where AutoLoginFromWindowsName contains any ONE of the following values
    • NameSamCompatible
    • NameUserPrincipal
    • NameUniqueId
    • NameDnsDomain
    Essentially, this means you can use whichever AD name field you prefer for your environment.
  4. If a match is found, the staff member is logged in and Logout timers are disabled, as timeouts are deferred to Windows session locking.
  5. If any autologged in staff member attempts to logout, they are warned they will need to restart pos or enter their password if they choose to logout. Logging out is required as another user may need to login without changing the Windows login.

Trace files for the POS will contain the users various NameXXX fields regardless of setting PosConfigSetup.StaffAutoLoginFromWindows This means you can find the search values that would be used for support purposes.

AutoLogin - Gds

(Documentation in this section is not complete and missing key details)

If accessing your Gds server, then Autologin applies automatically if you have enabled Negotiate protocol and security. The handshakes are performed for each connection from the browser however security is only enforced on protected resources. Public resources can still be browsed even if negotiate handshakes fail.

We no longer permit the use of NTLM protocol by default as general security advice is this protocol should be avoided.

If you wish to have Autologin to fieldpine.com servers, then additional configuration steps are required so that Fieldpine.com can securely validate the access.