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PosGreen Engine This engine provides the bulk of the POS processing at checkouts. It can be used directly or via central servers as a remote service.

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A gateway is a set of rules or logic that work to restrict data. With a gateway you can implement controls that ensure some items are only visible in some stores, or you can restrict staff logins to specific geographic regions.

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While a gateway is conceptually like security, a gateways primary purpose is to remove excess data.

Using a Gateway to restrict products sent to stores

Each product can be connected to up to four gateways. The first gateway is specific to this product only, and the 3 gateways can be shared gateways. For a product to be transmitted to a remote store if must be approved by all gateways

ProductGateway 1
Gateway 2
Gateway 3
Gateway 4
Cheddar CheeseStoresWithFridges
Rum CheeseStoresWithFridgesAlcoholLicence
Cheese VoucherAgencyStores
Allow Stores1,2,3,4
Block Stores22,33
Other Storesblock
Allow Stores2,4,5
Other Storesblock
Block Stores1,2,4,5,22
Other Storesallow
  • Store #1 can only see cheddar cheese, as it is allowed by the StoresWithFridges gateway
  • Store #2 can see both cheeses, as it is meets both gateway criteria
  • Store #5 cannot see any cheeses, as it is blocked by the StoresWithFridges gateway
  • All stores except 1,2,4,5,22 can see the Cheese voucher.