Low Level Documentation
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PosGreen Engine This engine provides the bulk of the POS processing at checkouts. It can be used directly or via central servers as a remote service.

Contexts & Sessions


Spill Database Debugging

Reference Data

refdata Country refdata SystemString

Common Data Structures

Common data structures are used where a structure is reused over different areas but with similar meaning.

ITEM structure

Field NameField#Description
Pid f200 Product Id
Quantity or Qty f202 Quantity involved in this line. Expressed as an integer
Plu f207 Current PLU/SKU code for this line
PVariant f201 Product variant number where this product has a variant. Missing or 0 means no variant
PidFlag f203 Type of this line, such as real product, financial product, modifier etc. See Database/Salelines for possible values
Description f2000 Product description