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PosGreen Engine This engine provides the bulk of the POS processing at checkouts. It can be used directly or via central servers as a remote service.

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Reference Data

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A "setting" in Fieldpine is a control variable used to influence how the software works. Your default tax rate is a setting, your preferred printer is a setting, how USB devices are handled is a setting.

Settings are stored in several places for different reasons. Settings need to be both local machine specific and replicate across retailer and retail membership groups, so the different locations aid that.

Load Order in PosGreen

  1. Any local directory files are processed in the order below for settings marked "installdefault"
    1. fpos_fieldpine.ctl
    2. fpos_all.ctl
    3. fpos.ctl
    4. fpos_automatic.ctl
    5. fpos_fieldpine.ctl again (Server mode only)
  2. The table settingsdist is read for layer=1 and srcuid is null,0 or the lane unique#
  3. The table settingsmembership is read for memberships we actively belong too and layer=1 and the location is either 0 or our location#
  4. The file fpos.ctl is read from the code directory for settings marked "default"
  5. The table settingdist is read for layer=1 location in (0,our location) for setting location overrides. Override locks are only used by Fieldpine internally
  6. Any local directory files are processed in the order below for settings marked "default"
    1. C:\debug_fpos.ctl (only if the lane is a development/test lane.)
    2. fpos_fieldpine.ctl
    3. fpos_all.ctl
    4. fpos.ctl
    5. fpos_automatic.ctl
    6. fpos_fieldpine.ctl again (Server mode only)
  7. The settings table is read for srcuid in (0,unique#) and location in (0,location#) and lane in (0,lane#). Location -10 was previously used when loading but this has been retired.
    This step is essentially loading the main local POS values that are not specifically being overridden elsewhere
  8. Membership settings from "full control" memberships for layer=999 are loaded. This allows remote memberships to override most values.
  9. If the setting "SystemLoadOverride" is true (default=true) then any files are processed in the order below for settings marked "force"
    1. fpos.ctl from the code directory
    2. fpos_all.ctl from the local directory
    3. fpos.ctl from the local directory
    4. fpos_automatic.ctl from the local directory
  10. The table settingsdist is read for layer=999 and srcuid in (0, null, unique#)
  11. If enabled any settings policies are loaded and applied