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PosGreen Engine This engine provides the bulk of the POS processing at checkouts. It can be used directly or via central servers as a remote service.

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Reference Data

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Sub Stores and Agency Stores

An agency or sub store is any store that is controlled or owned by a parent store, but is fundamentally seperate. A chain that operates several stores are additional stores, not sub stores. However, if you have an arrangement with another retailer to sell your products and services, these are more likely to be agencies or sub stores.

The primary difference with sub stores is that they have a limited visibility into your retail data. A normal second store is able to see all sales and information; while an agency is limited to only data you deliberately transfer to it.

The owning store creates a membership and password. The membership name is automatically created, but the password can be set freely.

The sub store joins the membership and is then controlled by that membership configuration.