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PosGreen Engine This engine provides the bulk of the POS processing at checkouts. It can be used directly or via central servers as a remote service.

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Reference Data

refdata Country refdata SystemString

Country Reference Data

The file refdata_country provides a lookup and conversion to convert between various country codes and parameters.

Fieldpine identifies country of operation have a setting "CountryCode", which is a Fieldpine allocated code per country (where country means whatever Fieldpine require, not necessarily political boundaries). Broadly speaking these codes are based off ITU international dialling codes, with exceptions.


This file is available on all Fieldpine reference servers. One public server URL is https://fieldpine.de/online/gdsprod/refdata_country.json

RefData Structure

The field "countries" an unsorted array of objects.

    "code": 64,
    "name_en": "New Zealand",
    "names_other": [ "Aotearoa" ],
    "code2": "NZ",
    "code3": "NZL",
    "windows_geoid": 183


Most fields are optional. Consumers should handle any combination of missing fields or undocumented fields.

The Fieldpine allocated CountryCode
The english name of this country
Array of other names this country might be known as. These are not translations to various languages, rather they are secondary names that might be used.
ISO 3166-2 letter code
ISO 3166-3 letter code
The value returned from GetUserGeoID(GEOCLASS_NATION)