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PosGreen won't start Licensing Eftpos Terminals


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Fault Finding

Are you trying to resolve a problem or log a call with Fieldpine? This page has a number of links to technical support articles for self diagnosis.

Unknown Error Message?

Do you have an unknown error message similar in appearance to this one? These messages provide highly targeted details in the various number shown in the title bar. You can get a deeper understanding of individual error messages and causes here

Click here for How to Solve

Detailed Support Guides

Detailed support guides provide technically capable staff information on how to troubleshoot issues. These guides are not primarily intended for user level or front counter staff, they are aimed more at IT professionals, however you are welcome to use this information. These guides are not complete tutorials and may simply say "check the setting XYZ in fpos.ctl" without explaining how to do that. In general to use support guides you will need:

  • Proficiency with Windows generally, understand how to use explorer, event viewer, services, open a command prompt etc
  • An understanding of Fieldpine structure, and where to find things
  • How to enter quickcode and get into debug modes