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Locating a Server

As Fieldpine is a distributed system the retailers server may not have a well known address to use, some retailers use DNS, others dotted IP addresses.

How to Locate your Server

  1. Add the script "" to your webpage and see the instructions below.
  2. If possible, use the "Dynamically Locating the Retailer" instructions below. This is the most robust and will handle environment changes over time.
  3. If the retailer has a DNS name for their API server, such as "" use that.
  4. If the retailer is using a With Firewall configuration, and has a fixed IP, use that Fixed IP.
  5. If the retailer is using a Using Fieldpine configuration, then see the section below.

Retailers that are Using servers

Fieldpine uses a number of edge servers distributed in different countries. Retailers are dynamically assigned to a server close to them, selected based on geographic location and payment plan in use.

Manually enter the URL given below in "Dynamically Locating the Retailer" into a browser. The first "ApiServer" returned is the primary server for a retailer and is the value you should use if you need a single address to connect too. For most retailers this value will be ""

If you issue a requests to fieldpine servers that are not the retailers assigned server(s), you may receive an error or a redirect response depending on retailer configuration.

Dynamically Locating the Retailer

Rather than asking the retailer for details of their network configuration and preferences you can obtain this information via an API. You need to know the retailers RmSystem value (4 integers) which is often required for you to call the OpenApi functions anyway. You may also need to know an access password

This RmSystem is used to generate a Url with the format{RmSystem}/Config/HostList.json

The resulting JSON object provides a list of known servers and connection options. The data returned may be encrypted or obfusticated

Be careful when typing the RmSystem into the URL. Servers will return valid looking results for all possible RmSystem values including non existent RmSystem values. This is a security measure so that RmSystem values cannot be randomly probed.