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Locations API

Simple Examples

Storing details of a new store location

    "Name": "Queen St"

POST /Locations

This API functions as both an insert and edit API. When the field "Locid" is present in the payload, then the location with this key value is either created (if it doesn't exist) or editted. If you call this API without specifying the Locid field then it will be taken as an insert of a new location

If you wish to create a new location and specify the Locid parameter, rather than letting the system choose a value, then you can provide a Locid field with a value that is greater than zero and less than 2 billion.

Using /Locations/{Key} API

While the /Location/{Key} API is commonly used to retrieve a single location record by internal ID# (aka Locid) it can also return a single locations details when searching by other criteria.

Returns a single location with the externalid 1343536
/Location/name=Queen St

Each of the above will only return a single record. However, this may change in a future release to retrun all matching records. Currently, if multiple records match then no records will be returned.