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Get Receipt

Receipts, Tax invoices and other documents can be presented in a different manner than how they are technically stored and maintained. This API allows you to retrieve the receipt information as would be presented to the customer. You should use this API when:

  1. You are wanting the receipt to print, email to the customer
  2. You require the visual appearance of a sale

This API can return either a structured response as expected from APIs, or a complete html document. The structured response is used where you wish to render into some other format, while the html can be used when you only require simple transforms such as applying CSS styling or creating a PDF

Reminder, this API remains a secure API, do not pass these URLs directly to customers as security will stop them.

Using the HTML receipt

If your API request is /.../Receipt.htm then a web page will be returned which includes complete standalone details, including embedded CSS and other elements. If your request is for structured data, such as JSON, then the returned information will include the HTML and CSS as different field values, so you can change them.

Understanding the HTML Contents

The HTML returned is defined with constant class names and element identifiers. This means you can often modify the receipt by simply changing the CSS, but if you need to get at the actual receipt lines, these are also available.

Here is an example of a simple receipt, and how it might be rendered using minimal CSS

ACME Supplies Limited
GST# 123-456-579
Tax Invoice 12345
Serial# 1234567
CARD# 12343