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Fieldpine Developers Home

Development Options

There are a number of development interfaces depending on your purpose.

API or InterfaceDescriptionFieldpine OnlineStore ServersPosGreen
Primitives Uses more "command line" style directives to interact with the Fieldpine Engine
  • Very easy for client side web development
  • Only interface capable of working with live sales
Yes Yes Yes / Partial
OpenAPI General purpose APIs for direct interfacing. The classic REST like interface. Yes Yes Limited
eLink Deep technical interface with machine friendly design.
  • Powerful, but complex to learn
  • Other APIs sometimes internally translate and use this API themselves
  • Not recommended for new development if other options exist
  • Subtle changes may occur without warning, limited version control available. Users are expected to self manage version control
Yes Yes Limited


If you are just getting acquainted with Fieldpine here are some articles you might like to read

Server Sent Events Using SSE in web browsers and applications to receive realtime notifications about changes to data such as stock levels, product or customer edits. Suitable for browsers and external applications wanting realtime updates.

Usage Charging Automating charging from external sources that provide some form of "use" data. Some well known examples might be water meter billing, electricity billing or cellphone rating. Basically anything that provides automated records of use or counters.