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Sale Saleline Screen Lookup


PosCommands are commands that your interfaces and scripts can send to the POS to affect it. PosCommands can also be invoked when specific products are sold which allows for customised business process. PosCommands themselves are simple directives or instructions to the Pos engine to change or influence sale handling.

A quick example - the PosCommands "sale(new) sale(add,pid,0,10,2.00) sale(pay,cash) saledone?" Will create a new sale, sell item #10 for $2 and pay the sale with cash.

Pos CommandDescriptionNotes
Sale Alters sales, adds products, payments and anything else intended for a single sale Commonly used
Saleline Alters individual items on a sale Commonly used
Screen Controls menu screens; opening and closing screens Commonly used
Lookup Invokes a screen to let the user interactively search for products, customers or other reference data Commonly used

Retired and Deprecated Commands

Custom A selection of highly customised functions for specific customers. This command should not be used in new environments and is present for backwards compatibility only Deprecated
Eftpos This command has been replaced by the eft() command. It continues to work, but changes should be migrated to the eft() command. There are direct equivalents so this is not a hard process, only a syntax change. Deprecated
Spawn Was used to create external processes. Replaced by the system(shell,...) command Retired